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Prior to starting Chief Mountain Seeds, we operated a small family farm and did custom work on the side. Becoming aware of opportunities in the forage seed market, we planted our first grass field in 2018. We harvested our first forage seed crop in 2020, as well as taking training for Seed Plant operator, Seed Grading, and ISTA Sampling certifications. Our certified seed plant was established in early 2021, and we have cleaned, marketed, and shipped seed crops every season since. Since 2022 we have been contracting with growers for seed production.

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Here at Chief Mountain Seeds, we offer an agronomic package and seed production contract to seed growers who are interested in producing only top-quality forage seeds. We look forward to working with you and helping you succeed!

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Chief Mountain Seeds is named for Chief Mountain, a well-known landmark of Southern Alberta, the place we call home. Chief Mountain stands out from the line of mountains because of its distinctive shape, and even when clouds hide many of the other peaks, it is usually still visible - a symbol of the quality and service we strive to provide the grass seed industry.